Programmes and activities







8.00 - 9.30 Free play, Individual Development Free play, Individual Development Free play, Individual Development Free play, Individual Development Free play, Individual Development
9.30 - 10.30 Circle time in English Circle time in English Gymnastics, Story Time, Drama Circle time in English Gymnastics
Arts and Crafts Gymnastics with balls and ballons, Mathematics Play Group, live music:flute and recorder Science:The World Around Us, Hungarian Language Games Montessori Activities in English
10.30 - 12.00 Outdoor play Outdoor play Outdoor play Outdoor play Outdoor play
12.00 - 15.00 Lunch, nap time Lunch, nap time Lunch, nap time Lunch, nap time Lunch, nap time
15.00 -16.00 Music Circle Time in English, weekly topic Arts and Crafts Music Hungarian Folk Dance
16.00 - 17.00 Free play Free play Free play Free play Free play


Being a bilingual kindergarten means a lot for us in our everyday work. Our Hungarian children start getting aquainted with English at the most impressionable age. For our bilingual children (English-Hungarian) the Kindergarten provides a chance to practise both languages and observe their cultural traditions outside their home environment. It is in the Kindergarten that children from abroad get a glimpse of the language and the culture of their present home: Hungary.

The first step towards loving a language is getting to know the „music” of the spoken language. The best example is the way a mother starts talking to her baby during pregnacy, being absolutely sure that one day the baby will understand her. So, gradually, step by step, children first meet the melody and the sound of English through play, sports and other activities that they enjoy. Later on, as they learn to understand more structure, English becomes part of their everyday life.
As a result of the work of native speakers of English and Hungarian teachers who speak English well, the children will understand and use English at a level which is appropriate for each age-group.
The complex language teaching method that we have developed here uses the children creativity to its maximum: through artistic activities (arts and craft, logic and drama games, music and singing). The children’s creativity is fully involved and they are let to learn through experience as they sing songs, imagine and draw pictures or create props for drama games. In this process chidren constantly learn and use English and their understanding of the particular topic deepens dramatically, their creativity and imagination are being used throughout the whole process.
With this method of teaching all the abilities of both the children and the teachers are used. In order to provide a thorough understanding of a given topic we explore it in numerous ways, constantly providing new stimuli for the children to maintain their interest. Motivation is also kept up by the constant and active involvement of the children in the learning process. Due to their active participation (from decision making to the actual activities) all the children use English in a playful environment. Occasionally they teach and help each other.
With Circular Learning we encourage the children to teach others what they themselves already know, which is the sign of interiorized language.
In our Kindergarten we also care for individual talent, realised in the form of one-to-one teaching - as opposed to group activities (drama games) - which promotes co-operation and good communication among the children

Creative activities

All the art and craft activities are in English, which helps children to learn it in a natural and fast way. They work with lots of different materials and techniques and make wonderful things.

The Kovács-method

Games with balloons and balls as well as a skipping rope using special movement techniques helps the creativity and the imagination of the children. It also contributes to the formation of their self-image, social and emotional development and better a balance.


We lay the foundation of logical thinking. Children become interested and get to love maths, their counting skills develop, which will make maths at school easier for them.

Hungarian language games

We play them every day. Children love playing with the language, they always enjoy puns, identifying sounds and riddles. These games make it easier for them to learn to read.

Environment (Getting to know the world around them in an active way)

The kindergarten is located in a beautiful area. The exiting green environment „invites” the children to discover it. We go on a lot of walks and the world opens around us.

Music and singing

We use the Kodály-method in our approach to music, so singing and music are there with us all day and every day, both in a spontaneus and in an organized form.We consider it very important to develop the children’s sense of rhythm, to use a lot of rhythm- and other kinds of instruments. Listening to parts of pieces of classical music we gradually get aquainted with some of the famous composers’ works.


Sport is crucially important to make the children healthy both physically and psychologically. We offer a lot of sports to our children. apart from the natural, joyful forms of physical activity. We offer swimming, judo, skiing and chess - all of them done with the help of well-qualified coaches who always observe the children’s special needs and their age characteristics.

Speech therapy

Using screening tests for as young as 4 year olds, our speech therapist spots the children who need assistance in this area and if necessary they talk about it with the parents.

Dance house

Every Friday we finish the week with a dance house: we dance and sing together, and listen to great music. Children can learn lots of the elements of the treasure house of Hungarian folk dancing.

Outings, excursions

We take the children to the Puppet Theatre, to concerts, we go to museums, markets, walks and ride the cogwheel railway together.

Summer camp

In June and July we have a summer camp with intensive English, creative activities and with an intensive swimming course.


During the years a close community of families formed in our kindergarten which always welcomes newcomers. A lot of programmes and events are organised „outside” the kindergarten: skiing holidays, parties, outings, walking int he hills and other programs. Sometimes families whose children have alreadyleft our kindergarten and are at school also join these programmes.