About Us

The Winnie the Pooh Nursery and Kindergarten is an English-Hungarian institution with an experienced staff for children between 2 1 - 7, run by a foundation.

We work with small groups, the total number of children in our kindergarten is 25-30. Two Hungarian and two English-speaking teachers work with the children always paying special attention to doing all the activities in a playful way.
English is present in all the activities. It is part of our daily life in the kindergarten and in addition to that, we have English „classes” where the children learn nursery rhymes, songs and poems.

Due to our special development activities and the preparation for school, starting school is a very easy process for our children. At school they are among the best students both in Hungarian and mathematics. A lot of them go to a bilingual school where their performance is excellent, even compared to that of their native English speaker classmates.

Our kindergarten is situated in the most beautiful part of Budapest: in the XIIth district, in a spacious detached house by the „Orgonás” stop of the cogwheel railway. There are two gardens round the house equipped with playground facilities so the children can play outside in the open air, in a safe environment, and feel more and more responsible for the world around them.

The kindergarten is run by the „Happy Children will be Happy Adults” foundation.
Our educational institution posesses all the official permissions for its work.
Our Ministry of Education identification number Is: OM 101 685


The moral, emotional, intellectual and social development of the children is guaranteed by different factors: the warm, cheerful atmosphere, the individual treatment of children and the fact that activities are done in small groups of 7-10. Our aim is to provide a happy, warm and loving environment for the children, where their personality can develop in a natural way, where they are encouraged to become creative people with a strong character, healthy both phsically and psychologically, with a lifelong ambition to gain more and more knowledge of and feel more and more responsible for the world around them.

We are deeply aware that each child is an autonomous individual with special interests and special gifts, so each of our children in the kindergarten gets individual treatment and individual attention. We keep this in mind when doing our regular activities: first of all play, art and craft, music and sport as well as the activites that prepare children for school.

It is very important for us that parallel with getting high-level instruction in English the children should enjoy all the special, traditional values of Hungarian kindergarten-education which is well-known and highly appreciated all over the world.

Sharing the kindergarten with chidren from different countris teaches our children to accept difference, to respect and understand other people and to get to know and respect the traditions of other people.


The warm, friendly and cheerful atmosphere, the individual approach to each child, the small-group activities (7-10) help the development of the personality and its moral, social, emotional and intellectual qualities. We would like to encourage our children to want to know more about the world around them, to appreciate it, to care and feel responsible for it.
By the time they enter school – whether a Hungarian-English or an English school - they have acquired a good, sound knowledge of English.
Preparation for school means that the children gradually learn how to use their knowledge in different situations, how to solve practical tasks or do problem-solving in general. During this process their attention is becoming more focused, their memory more retentive and their thinking more complex-qualities which are all needed for good performance at school.

Creativity and imagination, social and emotional development and the formation of a positive picture of the self are supported by special kinds of exercise with balloons, ball and skipping rope.
These exercises contribute to the development of the special abilities needed at school and those of movement-coordination, precision-motor activities and speed-reflex.

In addition to all that, each week we have one-to-one sessions with the children leaving for school.


Varsányi Tamásné

Founder of „Winnie the Pooh Kindergarten” and „Happy Children will be Happy Adults” Foundation.
She plays an important part in organizing and running the Kindergarten.

Pintérné Tasnádi Ágnes

Highly qualified teacher, has been with us since the foundation of the Kindergarten. She is responsible for the professional work done here.
In 2005 she worked out the application of the Kovács-method in the kindergarten (gymnastics with balloons and balls), which she published in a book. That book has been used in training kindergarten teachers ever since.
Her aim is to provide children with a well-founded knowledge of maths and the mother tongue in the pre-school years.
She is the mother of four grown-up children.

Katalin Frucht

Kata joined our team in September 2012. She speaks only English to the children and is also responsible for arts and crafts projects. She graduated from the Teacher Training Collage in Budapest as a primary school and English as a Foreign Language teacher. She gained her teaching experience in England where she lived and worked for 5 years. Kata is a trained musician and regularly plays the flute to the children. Bringing these skills and experience together she created an English teaching program for children. The program is based on singing, movement and creative projects. She is a qualified Montessori teacher, lives in a bilingual family, and a mother of two young children.

Varga Norbert

Norbert Varga

Norbert graduated from the Bólyai University in Kolozsvár. He is a physiotherapist, and an expert in movement skills. The love of dance comes from his childhood. He worked as a professional folk dancer for years. He has been working with children for 6 years. He teaches gymnastics, folk dance, traditional ring games and accompanies singing with his guitar. He also does story dramatization and leads the Friday afternoon folk dance class.

Triboldné Kardos Dóra

A qualified nanny, speaks good English. She has been helping the work of our teachers for years.
She is very patient and kind with every child. The little girls after the afternoon-siesta look forward to Dora arranging their hair in wonderful plaits.
She uses her expereinces as a mother of two young girls in her work in the Kindergarten.

The kindergarten is open weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00
The school year starts on September 1st and ends on July 31th.
In August the kindergarten is closed.