Our groups

The little ones include the Toddlers and children in the Little Group. Activities are held separately but their timetable is the same and they go to different outings together.


This group consists of 2 and a half and 3 year olds. Usually they spend 2-3 days a week in the kindergarten. They can come for a day or for half a day. This is a kind of preparatory time for the kindergarten. We help the children to get used to being away from home and family, to get used to being in the company of other children as well as to learn the rules of living in a community and enjoy the joyful aspects of it.


They are 4-5 year olds who spend 5 days of the week with us. Some of these children have never been in a company of children before so we want to help them as much as we can making them feel at home, making them feel safe in our kindergarten.The most important activity - just as for toddlers - for children in this group is also play. They draw, paint, learn and recite rhymes and sing a lot, too.


The Big Ones. This group consists of the Middle Group and the Big Ones. Activities are held separately but their timetable is the same and the two groups go to different outings together.


They are 4-5 year olds. They still play a lot, but gradually guided activities take a bigger part in their life. They are happy to do things for each other. They are also happpy to undertake different tasks, and they can follow rules now.


They are between 5-7 years olds. The pre-school year is the most important both for teachers and children. Gradually they learn how to appply the knowledge they have picked up. Small groups make it possible to have individual school-preparation as well.
In the case of older, school-age children, according to their level of maturity we have individual sessions. If they need special attention in some special field, we do special exercises with them. In this group there are children who, up to now, were not memebers of our kindergarten, but in this „extra-year” they want to learn English faster.